Machine Shop Repairs

Suncoast Aero Engines is one of the only Engine shops in the country equipped with a full machine shop, giving your overhaul a quicker turnaround than our competitors, all at a sharper price!

Experience Where it Counts

With our expert staff having over 60 years of combined machining experience, we ensure on giving you a high-quality overhaul every time. Our capabilities include full crankcase overhaul and repairs for Lycoming and Continental engines.


Set up to Save you Money!

Where other Engine Shops have to outsource their machining work at an extra cost, Suncoast Aero Engines takes care of it all in-house. Saving hugely on time and of course your bottom line! Complete with two Close and Line-bore machines, a closing mill, Sunnen Con-rod hone and pin hole borer, and various other milling machines, we are fully equipped for the overhaul of your Crankcase, Crankshaft, Con-Rods, Counterweights Rocker arms and MORE!

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Need a Bit Extra?

With the added capability of repairs to Induction and accessory housings, Continental starter adapters, repairs on mount feet, re-sleeving of Idler post and Magneto locations and a wide range of other services. We’ve got your engine repairs covered!