Propeller Overhaul & Repair

Propeller Repair and Overhaul Capability for Hartzell, McCauley and Sensenich Propellers. Suncoast Aero Engines adds another element to providing a full ‘firewall forward service’ with the newest propeller overhaul shop in Australasia.


Manufacturer Approved Tooling and Equipment

Our New Propeller Overhaul Shop is well equipped with many of the specialist tools and equipment required for the overhaul of your propeller. Our tooling has been purchased and supplied by the propeller manufacturers themselves, and/or vendors that are used and recommended by the manufacturer so you can be sure that your propeller is getting the best treatment with the right tools for the job.

We have tooling and equipment to perform work on Hartzell Constant Speed Propellers for Reciprocating and Turbine applications, McCauley and Sensenich Fixed pitch and the full range of McCauley Threadless Hub Constant Speed Propellers.

Quality Service & Workshop Facilities

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Capabilities Include:

Hartzell Constant Speed and Feathering Propellers

  • Compact Hub Propellers
  • Steel Hub Propellers
  • Turbine Propellers
  • De-iceboots
  • Cold-Rolling
  • Y Shank Shot-Peening

Aluminium Fixed Pitch and Ground Adjustable Propellers

  • Sensenich Propellers
  • McCauley Propellers
  • Ground Adjustable Propellers
  • Mounting Bolt NDT

McCauley Constant Speed and Feathering Propellers

  • Threadless Hub Propellers
  • Oil Filled and Non Oil Filled
  • C200 – C700 Series Propellers
  • Turbine Feathering and Reversing Propellers
  • De-iceboots

Hartzell Cold Rolling and Shot-Peening

Our Propeller Overhaul Facility is Certified with Hartzell Approval for Cold Rolling of Hartzell Blade Shank Radius’ and also Shot-Peening of ‘Y’ Shank Pitch-change Knobs. By Keeping these processes in-house, this allows us to keep your overhaul on schedule cancelling out the time delay of having to out-source this work, but more importantly allows us to keep your overhaul cost down too!

We Have Invested heavily to give our customers the best, With a Hartzell Supplied Cold Rolling Machine and BRAND NEW Clemco Shot-Peen Equipment that is the same used and Recommended by Hartzell. We are currently undergoing approval for Blade Airfoil Shot-peening also.