Component Overhaul & Repair

Don’t send your Engine and Its components to 2 different shops!!

Our Components shop is certified to Overhaul and Repair the majority of your engines Fuel, Turbo and Electrical components as well as Propeller Governors. Suncoast Aero Engines provides the added benefit of being able to Setup, Test run and adjust your Overhauled Engine with Your own freshly overhauled Magneto’s, Fuel System, Turbocharger and Turbo controllers, saving you time when re-installing your Engine to the aircraft.


Spend less time in the hangar

We understand that time on the ground can be costly. Keeping trend with our exchange engine service, an ongoing development to our new components division is to provide a large range of Overhauled Exchange Components. With a growing stock of overhauled cores, we can supply quality replacements for your magnetos, carburettors, fuel injection components and constant speed units.

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Keeping the Balance

A major feature of our Components shop is the acquisition of the Heins Turbine Wheel Balancer, enabling us to safely and accurately balance your Turbo at Overhaul to the manufacturer’s requirements for optimum performance and reliability.

Capabilities include:

  • Continental, Precision Airmotive and AVStar Fuel Injection Systems.
  • Marvel Schebler and AVStar Carburetors.
  • Garrett/Hartzell Engine Technologies Turbochargers and Turbo Controllers, Fuel Pumps, Alternators and Starters.
  • Slick/Champion Aerospace and TCM/Bendix Magnetos
  • Hartzell, McCauley, Woodward, PCU5000 and MT Propeller Governors