Engine Cylinders

Whether your engine requires New or Overhauled Cylinders, we aim to provide your engine with the best.
With a range of options to suit your individual needs, Suncoast Aero Engines gives you premium quality Cylinders.

Every time!

Still Life in them yet!

Equipped to Overhaul and Repair, we contribute a full top end overhaul to your cylinders including a fresh re-honing of the bore with our specialist honing mill. Capable of Honing to Plus 10 oversize, your Chrome, Steel or Nitrided cylinders will yield new life to once again perform as new.

Our Promise on New

If it’s New Cylinders required to give your engine a new lease on life, we endeavor to provide you with the best cylinders at the best price.

Whether you want OEM or PMA approved, We offer a range of options on Cylinders to suit you.

One? Two? Three? More??

Whether it’s just one, or a full set of cylinders, Suncoast Aero Engines have a Large stock of Overhauled Cylinders to help keep you flying.
If your cylinders require a freshen up to see them through to T.B.O. We provide a range of repair options including; cylinder honing, re-facing of valves, Valve seats lapped and blued, Spring testing, Re-bushing of rocker arms along with Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant inspections.